A Bit Of History



At Fromagerie we make the most delicious high quality cheesecakes that are unique, irresistibly tasty and shipped them directly to you all across Malaysia. It’s what we like to call the “Fromagerie Experience”.


It all begins with Cream Cheese

Making a good cheesecake is one thing, making a great cheesecake is an art. Using only the highest quality of cream cheese is a part of what makes our cheesecakes so delicious. We dedicate ourselves to serving only the best cheesecakes to our customers. At Fromagerie that means everything from coming up with the perfect recipes and selecting the finest ingredients to hand-decorating and staying up all night to bake our cheesecakes. We believed baking is an art. So when we created the very first Fromagerie Cheesecake, it was an instant hit among everyone.


We use only the finest of ingredients sourced worldwide

At Fromagerie, the provenance of our ingredients is of upmost importance. We take pride in what we put in our cakes, ranging from luxuriously exclusive ingredients from Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Russian Caviars to Premium Swiss Couverture and Belgian Callebaut chocolates to create unique and indulgent cheesecakes. We use only fresh fruits that are in season, so its really as fresh as it gets. We don’t use any artificial preservatives, colours, flavourings, thickeners, alcohol or lard in our cheesecakes.


Precision and Technique

At Fromagerie, we slow bake our cheesecakes individually, taking the time to allow our ingredients to develop to their optimum flavour. That is the key to achieving the “Fromagerie Experience” a unique taste and depth of flavours. Our commitment to quality paired with our passion and dedication in cheesecake making is what makes Fromagerie The Cheesecake Connoisseur.