Luxury Handcrafted Cheesecakes

Our Luxury Handcrafted Cheesecakes are made using only the highest quality of cream cheese to the freshest of fruits that are on season. We serve a wide range of classic cheesecakes to the more exotic and rich cheesecakes that would definitely suite the most challenging and demanding of cheesecakes lovers.

Premium Handcrafted Cheesecakes

Dazzling on the outside, scrumptious on the inside, our Premium Handcrafted Cheesecakes collection are a masterpiece by itself. Our exquisite cheesecakes are carefully handcrafted with attention to detail on every aspect of design and taste. Each of our cheesecakes has a unique and exquisite flavour that creates an unforgettable taste experience.

Handcrafted Petits Cheesecakes

Our Petits Cheesecakes Collection are specially handcrafted to enhance the enjoyment of our delicious and decadent cheesecakes. Although smaller in size, our cheesecakes pack a mouthful of flavours. A regular showstopper at events and parties, they are so delicious, you could eat it all day long.

Exquisite Handcrafted Les Verrines

Our exquisite verrines is the dessert to serve at your next cocktail party. Meticulously prepared to ensure you get the optimum burst of flavors that comes together harmoniously. The variety of textures and flavors that we put in it all does enhance each other. It gets better when the transparency allows you to see each colorful layer of this wonderful dessert, as one would say, “you eat with your eyes first”.